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Specialized Employment Services for Commercial Truck Driving & Logistics Jobs

Allstaff Employment Group is the first and only company in the state of Iowa to specialize in providing clients with drivers, logistics talent, and customizable outsourcing services.

Because 100% of our attention is focused on maintaining pools of the top available talent, we are positioned to quickly fill job openings, ultimately saving clients both time and money.

More Than 20 Years of Experience
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Who We Are

Allstaff Employment Group began when, after 20+ years of staffing industry experience, we recognized a gap in the market related to CDL and Logistics positions. 

Once the need was identified, we decided to become the only staffing agency in the state of Iowa to specialize in this area.

At Allstaff Employment Group, not only do we help match employees with employers and vice versa, we also place a great emphasis on the process between the point of application and the actual hire.

This helps ensure higher levels of satisfaction among all parties involved and establishes a level of trust we believe is a hallmark of our company.

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